• Mobile Cashier.
    A safe and secure way to accept payments on-the-go
    through handheld mobile technology. Transactions
    can be completed anytime, anywhere in the UAE.

How to set up Mobile Cashier

Step 1.

Download and install the Mobile cashier application.

Step 2.

Accept Mobile Cashier Terms and Conditions.

Step 3.

Pair Mobile cashier device with the phone.

This is it! You are ready to start accepting card payments. Go ahead and open for business

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How to use mCashier

  • Open application, click on Payment, and select Pay with card. Make sure mCashier device is switched on and paired.
  • Enter amount due on Mobile cashier device and swipe the card. If this is a smart card (card with a chip on it) insert the card in the mCashier.
  • Pass mCashier device to the Customer and ask him to confirm transaction by entering his PIN
  • On the background your mobile phone will request the Bank to authorize the transaction. If transaction is successful, the money are as good as on your Bank account.
  • You have an option to send a receipt to the customer via SMS or email directly from your phone or print physical receipt upon customer request

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mCashier Password Assistance

Enter username and mobile number associated with your mCashier account and click Send.
We'll reset your password and sms it to you.

About mCashier

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mCashier is an innovate service for business customers enabling them to accept debit and credit card based payments via smart phone and connected Card reader. Product is offered in partnership with FAB.

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